WEBINAR - Building Modern Organisations using SAFe

By Agile Extreme Europe

Webinar - online
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Building Modern Organisations using SAFe
- Digitalization 2.0, Faster with less stress, Innovation and SAFe 5.0

In this webinar we’ll be covering:

  • What´s happening in the world?
  • Digitalization 2.0
  • How to become faster and stress less
  • Building modern organizations
  • Kotters network of innovation
  • Introducing SAFe
  • Explaining SAFe
  • Overview
  • Learning Journey
  • Leading SAFe
  • Lean Porfolio Management 
  • Key Success Factors
  • KSF
  • Business value with super speed – Case Studies
  • Q&A

You will be able to ask all your questions on the topic!
Join us for what might be this summers most exciting SAFe webinar!

Kajsa Jonnar
Kajsa Jonnar, co-founder of Agile Extreme, has a long experience with business development and entrepreneurship. She is an experienced business coach and trainer that have helped many companies find clarity in “what and why” to maximize profitable growth by real value delivered and removing waste. She is an experienced agile change leader and also the creator of our Agile Change Leadership courses and many models and systems that helps organizations achieve results faster. Her key value is to work smart instead of hard. 

To Kajsa, dreaming big, working smart and creating the future means working agile through-out the entire business – not just within IT or product development. It also means understanding customer journeys throughout the entire organization and not just making sales the salespeople’s business.
Her life-motto is: if your dreams don´t scare you they are not big enough, and the best way to predict the future is to create it.

Kajsa loves laughter, smiles and making the best of life. She is a fashionista who loves the outdoors.

Per-Magnus Skoogh
Per-Magnus Skoogh, co-founder of Agile Extreme, has over 25 years’ experience coaching agile teams and organizations making him one of the world’s most experienced Agile Leaders. He has loads of examples, tips and tricks that he loves to share with the world around him. He is the author of the well-renowned book Agile for Managers—Sucessful Teams that Deliver”. 

He is the Guru of Scaling Agile and bringing home business benefits such as; Faster Delivery, Higher Productivity and Happier Employees. In a world where things go faster and faster we cannot as individuals, teams and organizations run faster and faster – but rather slow down to be able to work smarter and more on target. 

Per-Magnus has a life motto: “Meet all your fears, you will realize there is not much to be really scared of”. He lives his live to the fullest in this way, traveling the world and climbing mountain’s is more fun than walking along a sunny beach according to Per-Magnus.

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