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INASCON (International Nanoscience Student Conference) is an annual international academic conference about nanoscience. It is organized by students for students and PhD-students. We also welcome academics, businesses, or anyone interested in nanoscience, however, the conference is aimed towards university students.

This year, the conference is hosted together with Lund University, Sweden, broadcasted to you in an online format. Join us and help make this the greatest INASCON ever!

The online INASCON offers you 3 days of online content, accessible for free if you sign up! The program contains lectures from well-known scientists within the nanotechnology field, as well as participant presentations and posters. Also included is an exciting entrepreneurial workshop* and virtual lab tours. All participants of INASCON 2020 will be able to interact via a social platform, where a lot of fun things will happen! The live broadcast will be 9:00 to 16:00 GMT (11:00 to 18:00 local time in Sweden), but most material will be accessible for replay during the conference days. 

*The workshop has limited amount of spots

The ticket includes:

  • Lectures by prominent speakers from different fields of nanoscience
  • Presentation from a Nobel Prize Lauriete!!
  • Workshop session about entrepreneurship
  • Postersession
  • PhD presentations
  • Presentation of MAX IV- the synchrotron facility in Lund
  • Virtual tour of Lund NanoLab
  • Virtual tour of Lund
  • Competitions with awards
  • Group challanges and games
  • ...7 h per day with the INASCON team from Lund!

More info can be found on the website!

* Currently located in!
By clicking this box you ensure that all data that you present is your own or that you have permission to show it. You also ensure that you won't record or share data and material that is presented by someone else during the conference, without permission from the owner. INASCON 2020 will not be held responsible for consequences if the rules of the agreement are violated.

By purchasing a ticket you automatically become a passive member of the non-profit assosiation INASCON 2020. The assosiation is created in order to host INASCON 2020 and will cease to exist before the beginning of 2021. Contact us if you have any questions.

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